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How to decorate your Christmas tree in 8 easy steps!

Posted: Friday, December 10, 2010 by Casino.Net
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Do you feel daunted by the sheer thought of decorating your tree this year?

With these 8 easy steps you will be able to create a Christmas tree which radiates with magnificence in a matter of moments.

As promised we are helping you get ready for Christmas this year. Surely you are getting in the mood by now. We hope our great holiday casino bonuses have helped at least a little bit.

Now the time has come however to roll up your sleeves and get your home 'holiday-ready' too. Here is a list of 8 easy steps to help you decorate your Christmas tree.

family christmas

1. In true Christmas Spirit

If the thought of decorating the Christmas tree all by yourself is too daunting, get the rest of the family involved. It really can make for a fun evening.

2. Decide if you want a "Real" or an Artificial Tree

Either choice has its pros and cons. If you live in a (small) flat, or have children or pets, an artificial tree (with built in lights) may be your best option.

They are available in all colours, shapes and sizes and are safer than a "real" tree with lights, as there is no risk of the little ones pulling the bulbs down and burning or electrocuting themselves. You will miss out on that real fresh "christmassy" pine smell, but it is a small price to pay for safety and it may also be the most budget friendly option, as you can re-use the tree year after year.

If you do decide to opt for a "real" tree, you need to make sure you set it in water and regularly check and refill the water level. Try to find a fir or spruce type tree as their sturdy branches hold ornaments better than other types of pine trees.

To test the freshness of the tree you want to purchase, flick one of the branches and see if any needles fall off. At the time of purchase almost no needles should drop. Also see if its branches bend a bit. If the branches snap it means the tree is too dry and old.  

artificial and real christmas tree

3. Place your Tree

Decide where in your home you would like to place the Christmas tree. If you place it close to a window it adds to the festive look of the outside of the house as well. But any place in your home with enough space for your family to gather around is perfect.

Once you have positioned the tree, stand back and study its shape. Disperse the branches of your artificial tree evenly and bend the ends of the branches slightly to give the tree a more natural look.

If you've opted for a real live tree use secateurs to cut branches that are sticking out as to create a nice symmetrical shape.

Tips to make your "real" Christmas tree live longer:

  • Get a tree stand (or bucket) with a deep water reservoir
  • A wilt resistant spray applied on your tree, supposedly could keep needles fresh for several weeks as it reduces moisture loss in plants
  • Check and refill the water level regularly
  • Add corn syrup or sugar to the water you feed your tree

christmas tree themes

4. Choose a Decorating Theme

Choosing a theme for your tree ensures that you keep your decorations coordinated and that the result will be stunning. And if your chosen theme blends well with the rest of your home's interior and the other holiday decorations, you will have a hit for sure!

Here are some Christmas tree theme ideas:

  • traditional Christmas with candy canes, peppermint candy, Christmas stockings, lots of reds, whites and greens
  • an elegant theme using velvet, satin, sparkles and beads
  • a country theme using raffia, cookie cutter ornaments, popcorn and cranberry garlands
  • a Victorian theme using tiny detailed ornaments and lots of angels
  • a coloured tree theme like: pink, black & white, silver or gold
  • a theme centred around a joyful occasion: your baby's first Christmas or a honeymoon bliss Christmas
  • a random theme based on your interests: modern art, flowers, cars, pop culture, your favourite sports team, or maybe even a casino theme

5. And then there was Light ...

When decorating your tree, put in the lights first, then the garlands, and last but not least the ornaments.

We probably should consider real candles in a Christmas tree, a thing of the past. The security hazard involved is just too big.

But even electrical lights need to be handled with care. Make sure all the little bulbs of each set of lights you are using, are working before you put them in the tree, because if you try to change a burned out bulb while the strand is on the tree, a tiny little spark could ignite and cause a fire.

Also make sure none of the bulbs rest directly on, or against any of the branches, because the lights do get very hot after a couple of hours, and could get the needles burning. 

Then place or attach an extension cord from an electrical outlet to the centre trunk of your tree. You can plug your light strands into this. Run the first strand all the way to the top and work your way to the bottom, wrapping the strands of lights around the branches. Try to place lights near the ends of the branches as it will nicely light and outline the shape of the tree.

You will probably need more than one strand of lights. As a rule of thumb for the number of lights needed based on the size of the tree you can take:

  • 200-500 lights for a 4/5 ft (1.20 m/1.50 m) tree
  • 500-700 lights for a 6/6.5 ft (1.80 m/2 m) tree
  • 600-800 lights for a 7/7.5 ft (2.10 m/2.30 m) tree
  • 800-1200 lights for a 8/9 ft (2.40 m/2.70 m) tree

christmas garlands

6. Let the Decorating begin

There are so many different types of decoration you can use on your Christmas tree. The most used ones are: garlands, ribbons, beads, glass balls, ornaments, a tree topper and food/candy.

As a general rule it's advised to work from the inside of the tree out, as this will add depth to your tree, and from the bottom to the top. Place decorations in the main colour of your theme more towards the outside of the tree and the secondary colour towards the inside.

Place all your ribbons, bows, garlands and beads in the tree first followed by the ornaments and the tree topper.

Ribbons really soften the look of your tree. They create a nostalgic and elegant look and help support your chosen decoration theme. They are cost efficient and eco-friendly too, because if you pack them away carefully after the holidays, you can re-use them again next year.

You can tie ribbons and bows around your tree branches, but you can also use them as hangers for your ornaments, or you can tie little ribbons around the stem of each of the glass balls and the other ornaments in your tree.

Drape the beads and garlands in horizontal lines around the tree. Start at the top and work your way down. The more uniform you drape the garlands, the more formal your tree will look. 

The quantity of garland you need again depends on the size of your tree. As a rule of thumb you can foresee the following:

  • 40-55 ft (12m-17m) of garland for a 4/5 ft (1.20 m/1.50 m) sized tree
  • 70-75 ft (21m-23m) of garland for a 6/6.5 ft (1.80 m/2 m) sized tree
  • 84-98 ft (25m-30m) of garland for a 7/7.5 ft (2.10 m/2.30 m) sized tree
  • 20-150 ft (36m-45m) of garland for a 8/9 ft (2.40 m/2.70 m) sized tree

If you are not sure what kind of tree topper to choose, maybe these ideas can give you some inspiration:

  • a Santa
  • a Snowman
  • a Cross
  • a Star
  • an Angel
  • a pair of Aces (if you decided to use a casino theme for your tree)

Don't forget to cover the tree stand at the bottom of your Christmas tree with a nice tree skirt, so it enhances the entire display.

7. How to Place your Ornaments

For good balance and a result that is more pleasing to the eye, place larger or more dominant ornaments towards the bottom and smaller ornaments in the top half of the tree. 

Don't hang all your ornament on the tips of the branches. Place ornaments and other decorations more towards the inside of your tree to add depth and interest.

Depending on the type of theme you have chosen, "too much" can actually be a GOOD thing. Especially if you make sure your main ornaments, glass balls and "fillers" are evenly spaced.

Start with hanging the carefully selected large, shiny and bright coloured ornaments first and leave the smaller, matte and more muted coloured ones to finish it all off with.

Your "filler" ornaments will include basic solid coloured balls which can be cheaply purchased from discount stores and are available in many colours to suit your chosen theme. As a rule of thumb count about 20 "filler" ornaments for every two feet (60cm) of tree. 

christmas ornaments

8. And after all is said and done …

If you make sure to take down and pack your decorations as carefully as you unpacked, and hung them, you will gain a lot of time next year when you have to decorate all over again, as well as ensuring an absolute minimum of breakage and damage to your ornaments. This way next year's Christmas the pleasure will be all yours.

Well done!

Now that you have finished decorating your tree and have created a glowing focal point which holds centre stage in your home all throughout the holidays, it is time to pad yourself on the back and take some time to relax.

We at Casino.Net are rewarding you for your decorating efforts this week with the Christmas edition of our Big, Bigger, Biggest Bonus. Make sure you grab it, because you deserve it!

Wishing you lots of luck and loads of fun!

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