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Casino.Net cares about you!

Posted: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 by Casino.Net
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One of our main aims is to make our casino a fun place for you to come, relax, play and have fun!

To make sure you are feeling happy and in control of your gaming experience with us, we are adding some new and interesting features for you.

The new session limits feature will enable you to better control your gaming expenditures in time and money.

New responsible gaming features

You will be able to set session limits for yourself to control the total amount of time you allow yourself per game session. If you set a session limit for yourself and you reach this time limit while you are playing a particular real-money game, the game will automatically close after completion of any in-progress game round.

Naturally you can revise or disable this session limit at any time.

Besides this nifty feature you can also opt to have a reality check message.

Reality Check - New Feature

This is a pop-up message displayed at regular intervals, which informs you of the total time you have spent playing a particular real-money game, the total amount you have played, lost and won.
We hope these are features which will ensure you remain a responsible player at all times.

Stay tuned for our next blog post as we will introduce you to our FOUR spectacular and fresh NEW GAMES.

Wishing you double Aces and a lot of fun!

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