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Win Big When You Play Fast Poker

Posted: Friday, February 17, 2012 by Casino.Net
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Choosing among the many poker games at Casino.Net can be difficult, but not if you know why you're playing. If you're looking for strategy then there's Texas Hold'em or Pai Gow but if you're looking solely to make some fast cash then you'll make a beeline for our Fast Poker tables.
Fast Poker

Playing Fast Poker takes no time at all to learn, and once you do you'll be eligible to win thousands of dollars a day! Keep reading to learn more about Fast Poker.

About Fast Poker

Fast Poker is, as you might have guessed, a quick action game played with a standard deck. The goal of the game is for you to make the best possible 3-card hand so that your hand beats the dealer's hand. The cards are dealt face up so the only surprise is who has the better hand!

What's even more exciting about Fast Poker is that you can win our big prizes that range from €3,500 all the way up to €20,000 on the offered side bet. So how much you win at the Fast Poker tables depends on how much you bet and how solid of a hand you possess.

Learning the Rules

Before you start putting money on the Fast Poker table you must familiarize yourself with all of the possible table outcomes. Based on the actions of you (the player) or the dealer, the hand can play out and payout in different ways. Once you know these rules you'll know how much you'll win based on the hand outcome and how you bet.

One rule that you need to know is that the dealer has to qualify for each hand with a Queen or better. If the dealer does not meet this basic prerequisite then you win 1:1 on your ante bet.

If however, you raise on a pair of Jacks and the dealer qualifies and has a higher hand you will lose ante and any raise bets you put on the table. This is where strategy comes into Fast Poker.

Winning Hands

Although Fast Poker is a unique game, the winning hands are the same as they are in traditional poker games. This will help you determine what your best hand is and whether or not it outranks the dealer's hand.

When you have a straight or a pair then you'll receive a basic 1 to 1 payout. The better your hand is, the greater your winnings will be! A straight flush or three of a kind are the best paying hands, with payouts of 30 and 40 to 1, respectively.

Turbo Play

If you want to win more hands in a limited amount of time then make the simple switch to Turbo Mode. This will speed up the game so that you can play more hands without waiting for what seems like an eternity.

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