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Slots Strategies 101

Posted: 4/17/2014 11:00:00 PM by Casino.Net
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Chances are good that if you belong to an online casino, you are a risk taker. Risk takers flock to casinos in large numbers because there are very few places on earth where a big risk can pay off big. In fact there is an entire industry based on helping these risk takers—for a fee—formulate and follow strategies to make a very risky game seem…beatable.

The good news is that you don't need to shell out €19.95 for "can't lose" strategy that promises to exponentially increase your slots winnings. The bad news is that there are no easy wins in slots. But rather than using a hard and fast strategy, it is better to have a few "musts" that you do at every slot game.

House Edge
You should never assume that any strategy will void the inherent mathematical edge the house has. It just will not. But as long as you accept that in the end "the house always win" you will be prepared to implement a slots strategy that...

Try This Winning Roulette Strategy

Posted: 3/21/2014 by Casino.Net
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If you spend a lot of time looking for casino game strategies that work, you already know just how much bad advice is out there. There are tons of guys (and girls) promising you that their totally unique roulette strategy is guaranteed to garner you hundreds or thousands of euros in winnings a day. The problem is you're required to shell out a ton of cash for, what turns out to be, mediocre advice.

A solid roulette strategy is one that doesn't have too m any components; after all you still have to keep an eye on the action at the tables. If you can remember every detail of the strategy without missing any of the action, like the roulette strategy we'll be detailing today, then you'll find a more enjoyable and lucrative time playing roulette.

Double Your Color
The double color roulette strategy is very simple to understand and implement. The first thing you do is what any roulette gamer would do: pick a color. Whether you have a favorite color or you believe...

How Do You Play This Game & Other Questions You Should Ask

Posted: 2/7/2014 12:01:00 AM by Casino.Net
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When you sit down at your favorite casino game your goal should be not just to make money, but also to make more than you lose. Even if you're just sitting down at a progressive jackpot just to have a little fun and make a little money in the process, your best shot at winning is to make sure all of your questions are answered.

Plenty of players fail to ask pertinent questions that can help them maximize their winnings. We have put together a few questions you should always ask before you start playing.

How Do You Play This Game?
One of the worst things you can do to your bankroll is sit down and play a game where you don't know the rules. The rules will let you know what the goal of the game is, what keystrokes complete certain commands, what the winning hands or combinations are and how much each combo pays.
Reading the rules can help you minimize losses and avoid mistakes that...

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