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What Is The Best Bet At The Casino?

Posted: 11/15/2013 by Casino.Net
Related: Blackjack, Craps, Roulette
Millions of people flock to Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Costa Rica and Macau to go head to head with Lady Luck and hope to come out head. Gambling is big business around the world, despite the well-known fact that "the house always wins". Regardless of whether people play for the rush of gambling or because they honestly think they can win, we all know that no matter how much we win, the house wins more.

With that knowledge you're probably wondering why any of us would ever set foot into or log onto any casino anywhere. Of course there is the exhilaration that comes from winning, but it is also because we know there is a calculated risk to all games.

The trick is finding the games that offer the best returns, adjusted for risk of course.

Fewer, Bigger & Smarter
If you're worried about playing games where the house edge doesn't work against you quite so much then you should look at the "fewer, bigger, smarter" strategy of play. This is a good best because,...

How To Create Ideal Playing Conditions

Posted: 10/10/2013 11:00:00 PM by Casino.Net
Related: How to play, Gambling
Living in the computer age has required most of us to make a few adjustments to how we do things. It is easier than ever to find ways to distract ourselves from responsibility and remain constantly stimulated. For those of us who have decided to enjoy the casino experience from the comfort of home, this problem is a persistent one.

Many casino gamers aren't succeeding because they are simply too distracted, not because they have faulty strategies or flawed implementation. Today we'll talk a bit about how to make your home conducive to ideal playing conditions, which means winning more frequently.

Avoid YouTube
Don't get me wrong; I love YouTube. It has allowed me to fall in love all over again with my favorite sitcoms from the 80's and 90's. But when it comes to focusing on casino games, The Golden Girls isn't the best way to do that.
When you're at your favorite gaming table you need...

Does Your Bonus Choice Really Matter in Slots?

Posted: 9/26/2013 11:00:00 PM by Casino.Net
Related: How to play, Gambling, Slots, Progressive Jackpot, Online Slots
At any casino in the world, slot machines are undoubtedly the largest draw. Whether you are a retired granny sidling up to the penny slots or a seasoned gambler playing the odds, slots are wildly popular for many reasons. One of the primary reasons for that popularity is the bonuses offered.

But cynical casino gamers have long believed that the bonus you choose in any given slot game is irrelevant because random number generator (RNG) has already determined how much it will pay out. The less jaded players always wonder if this is true or if it's something made up by bitter players who have yet to hit the big jackpot.

So the question is does your choice actually matter in the bonus rounds?

The Choice is Yours
Technically your choice does matter because you don't have the pertinent information necessary to tell you what you will win with each...

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