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4 Excuses That Cost You Money

Posted: 12/13/2013 by Casino.Net
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When it comes to making excuses in the casino, we've all had a few. You lost that hand because you were sick, hungry or distracted with new love or any other number of excuses. Sure, they are reasons but more than anything those explanations are just excuses. Some days it is just your turn to lose, but often the culprit of your cold streak is usually emotions.

Don't allow these excuses to negatively impact your bankroll.

My Luck Is Changing
While it is true that some of the winning and losing that occurs in a casino is due to luck, relying on it as part of your strategy is just an excuse. If you've been having a bad day and you're quickly losing your bankroll for the day, don't use luck as an excuse to play even after your daily bankroll is gone.

Using the "my luck is changing" excuse to allow yourself to play longer than you should will only result in having less money to play with tomorrow.

The Odds...

Pai Gow vs. Hold'em – Which Game Is Gold?

Posted: 11/29/2013 by Casino.Net
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If you're new to the world of online casinos, you've probably spent many hours scratching your head wondering which game is a better bet. Should you go for European or American roulette? Is traditional Blackjack a better payoff than HiLo or Super Sevens? When it comes to choosing between these games you can test each out because the rules are the same, but the payouts differ.

But when it comes to the poker games at Casino.net, figuring out which particular game will fatten your bankroll the fastest is a different beast altogether. There are 3 different games from which you can choose—Pai Gow, Texas Hold'em and Casino Hold'em—to get the best returns on your investment.

Rules of the Game
The biggest difference between our Hold'em games and Pai Gow is how you win. While in Hold'em the goal is to beat the dealer by making the best five card hand, which includes the 2 cards dealt and the 5 community cards. The game of Pai Gow is a unique...

What Is The Best Bet At The Casino?

Posted: 11/15/2013 by Casino.Net
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Millions of people flock to Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Costa Rica and Macau to go head to head with Lady Luck and hope to come out head. Gambling is big business around the world, despite the well-known fact that "the house always wins". Regardless of whether people play for the rush of gambling or because they honestly think they can win, we all know that no matter how much we win, the house wins more.

With that knowledge you're probably wondering why any of us would ever set foot into or log onto any casino anywhere. Of course there is the exhilaration that comes from winning, but it is also because we know there is a calculated risk to all games.

The trick is finding the games that offer the best returns, adjusted for risk of course.

Fewer, Bigger & Smarter
If you're worried about playing games where the house edge doesn't work against you quite so much then you should look at the "fewer, bigger, smarter" strategy of play. This is a good best because,...

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