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Minimizing the Runner-Runner Curse

Posted: 10/13/2011 11:00:00 PM by Casino.Net
Related: How to play, Poker Tournaments
As a poker player nothing is more disconcerting than having the nuts and knowing you will win a hand unless divine intervention occurs, only to have that divine intervention occur and you end up with the short stack at the table.

Usually this intervention occurs in the form of what's known as the 'runner-runner curse'. The key to online poker success is knowing how to minimize the impact of this curse.


Calculating Odds
Anytime you have a high pair, but not top pair there is always the distinct possibility that one of your opponents has or can get a superior hand. If you are calculating your odds in every hand, which all poker players should, then you should always consider what hands your opponents may possess.

By calculating your odds (and outs), you can at least have...

5 Online Poker Tells - REVEALED

Posted: 9/15/2011 11:00:00 PM by Casino.Net
Related: How to play, Table Games, Poker Tournaments
One of the things that have made poker pros like Doyle Brunson and Daniel Negreanu world famous is their seemingly superhuman ability to read other players. In the world of online poker finding your opponents' tell can be more difficult.

Rather than watching for ticks and twitches, there are other ways to reveal a player's weakness. Online poker tells are less physical than at traditional poker tables, so keep reading to find out how to get the best of your next opponent!

Poker Tell - Quick Action

When a player bets or calls quickly that is a good sign that your opponent feels confident in his hand. However that doesn't mean he has a good hand, just that your opponent feels confident that his hand his good.

When you aren't sure what your opponent has, how quickly they act when...

Avoiding the 'Just Because' Strategy

Posted: 9/8/2011 11:00:00 PM by Casino.Net
Related: How to play, Poker Tournaments
How many occasions have you stayed in a hand you shouldn't have just a little too long "just because"? Don't be ashamed of this fact; just know that it is literally the absolute worst possible move in poker.

Many poker newbies find it virtually impossible to fold a hand. They often assume their opponents are bluffing and they play every hand to the river. The 'just because' strategy is the fastest way to lose all your clothes or money, depending on your preferred method of poker play.

Why Just Because?

Why is this the just because strategy? Because so many online poker players stay in a bad hand 'just because' they feel like playing a hand.

Just because you have money in the pot, or a Jack or Queen kicker is not a good enough reason to stay in a...

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