Online Slot Machine

Mystic Fortune

It's dark, yet divine; it's Mystic Fortune, a mesmerizing slot game. Play up to fifteen lines on each spin to conjure up prize-winning combinations with the help of secret spells and magic talismans. Descend into the shadowy dungeon, stocked with voodoo dolls and spell books, to see if bonus cash is in the cards for you. If you are among the chosen ones, you can summon a progressive jackpot!
  • €0.01, €0.05, €0.25, €1.00 bets
  • Up to 15 paylines
  • Bonus Game
  • Free Spins feature
  • Progressive Jackpot of up to
Mystic Fortune - Online Slot Machine

Progressive Jackpots

Grand Jackpot €1.00

Grand Jackpot €0.25

Grand Jackpot €0.05

Grand Jackpot €0.01

This slot game has five reels and 15 lines. The game contains three jackpots, the values of which are shown in the game display. You must play the maximum number of credits per line for a chance to win a jackpot. Jackpot wins and bonus game prizes are not multiplied with the number of credit bets.


Paylines are aligned from left to right. Wins are multiplied by credits bet per line. The highest win on each payline applies. Wins on different paylines are added to produce your total win.

How to Play

First, select the denomination you want to use by clicking +/- next to DENOMINATION. Then select the number of credits per line and the number of lines you wish to bet by clicking +/- next to Credits/Line and Lines. Finally, click SPIN to start the game. You can start the game by betting the maximum number of credits per line and maximum number of lines by clicking BET MAX.

CREDITS displays the number of credits available at the current denomination and BET the total number of credits bet. WIN displays the amount won in the previous round.


The game has an autoplay function that enables you to play a number of consecutive spins automatically. All spins will be played by betting the same number of lines and credits per line.

  1. Click on AUTOPLAY. The number of remaining spins is shown in the game display.

  2. Click STOP to cancel the autoplay sequence.

Free Spins

Symbol 5 in any position 4 in any position 3 in any position
50 free spins 25 free spins 10 free spins

New free spins can be won on free spins. The denomination used and the number of lines and credits per line bet are kept during the free spins.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol substitutes for all symbols excluding the scatter, jackpot and bonus symbols.


The current credit values of the jackpots are shown in the game display. Obtain three, four or five jackpot symbols to win the Jackpot, Super Jackpot or Grand Jackpot.

Jackpot can only be won when maximum credits per line is played. If less than maximum number of credits per line is played, the following prizes are won:

Jackpot (3 Jackpot symbols): 100 X
Super Jackpot (4 Jackpot symbols): 1000 X
Grand Jackpot (5 Jackpot symbols): 10000 X

Bonus Game

Accumulate 750 points or more to start the bonus game. Each time the bonus symbol appears anywhere on the reels, you receive one point for each line and credit per line played. If you, for example, play 9 lines and 2 credits per line, you receive 18 bonus points towards the bonus game.

Bonus points are accumulated per denomination. The bonus points collected for a specific denomination are not lost if you change the denomination or exit the game. Any remaining points after a bonus game has been played are used when collecting points for the next bonus game.

The objective of the bonus game is to pick as many tarot cards as possible without finding the Fool. You pick one card on each level, starting with the bottom level, and different cards hide different prizes. Prizes from each level are accumulated and you can win a total of 10 to 5900 credits. Click START to start the bonus game.

Bonus Game Paytable

means that the bonus game is over and that you win what you have accumulated.


Symbol 5 in a row 4 in a row 3 in a row 2 in a row
10000 X 1000 X 100 X 15 X
5000 X 500 X 50 X 10 X
2500 X 500 X 50 X 7 X
1000 X 200 X 20 X 4 X
500 X 200 X 20 X 0 X
500 X 150 X 15 X 0 X
300 X 150 X 15 X 0 X
300 X 100 X 10 X 0 X
200 X 100 X 10 X 0 X