Casino Slot Machines

Money Wheel

Money Wheel is the classic game which you can find in many casinos throughout the world. It's easy to play with great looking animations and realistic sounds.

  • €1 - €50 bets
  • Animations and realistic sounds
  • Up to 5 players can play together
Slot Machines - Money Wheel
Slot Machine - Money Wheel

The objective of Money Wheel is to guess the number on which the wheel will stop.

Click the +/- buttons under each symbol to decide your wager on that symbol. Click SPIN to start the wheel. SPIN HISTORY shows the most recent game outcomes and the display is updated after each game round. The bet is kept constant between game rounds so you can click SPIN again to play with the same bet as in the previous game round.


Symbol Pays
Gold 50 X
Diamond 25 X
Watch 15 X
Necklace 12 X
Ring 6 X
Notes 4 X
Coins 2 X